Powering the New Energy Revolution in Mining

At the intersection of innovation and environmental consciousness, we introduce the AGI AI Mining Bot. Our mission is clear: to revolutionize cryptocurrency mining by harnessing the power of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and renewable energy sources. By doing so, we aim to not only make cryptocurrency mining more efficient and profitable but also contribute to the global transition toward a sustainable, eco-friendly future.

AGI Mining Bot.
Our mission

sustainable Mining For Greener Future

Cryptocurrency mining is the backbone of blockchain networks, ensuring the security and validity of transactions across decentralized ledgers. However, its exponential growth has raised serious concerns regarding its environmental impact. Our AGI AI Mining Bot takes up this challenge head-on. By integrating advanced artificial intelligence with renewable energy sources, we seek to create a symbiotic relationship between technology and the environment. Our project is committed to driving change in the crypto mining industry by reducing its carbon footprint, minimizing energy waste, and promoting responsible resource management.


We’re dedicated to complete transparency, with all our actions and data recorded on the blockchain for full visibility.

Maximizing Profit

We harness the power of AGI mining bots to optimize profit generation, ensuring financial success for our uers

Minimizing Environment Impact

Our initiative pioneers a path toward sustainable and eco-friendly mining operations.
The leadership
Team & Advisors

Our Board

Alan Hung Chief Advisor
Ethan Domenic CEO
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Kim CHUA Kim Leng CMO
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Arvin Mado CBDO

Token Distribution

eBTT token, underpinned by the PancakeSwap exchange, features a limited supply of 21 million coins.

A significant 85% of these coins, amounting to 17,850,000, are strategically allocated to PancakeSwap, where they are locked for future development and serve as vital resources for community incentives.

An additional 10% is earmarked for Private Sale purposes, while the remaining 5% is dedicated to our dedicated development team.

This robust tokenomics structure ensures a balanced and sustainable ecosystem for AI New Energy Mining.

Partnership & Spnsors


AGI 180



Daily Mining Reward

$1.37 (0.76%)

Early Investor Withdrawal Bonus

180 eBTT (1111 slots)

Mystery box

3x-6x Multiple

AGI 680

Daily Mining Reward

$6.66 (0.97%)

Early Investor Withdrawal Bonus

680 eBTT (440 slots)

Mystery box

3x-6x Multiple

AGI 1280

Daily Mining Reward

$14.72 (1.15%)

Early Investor Withdrawal Bonus

1280 eBTT (390 slots)

Mystery box

 3x-6x Multiple

Incoming year



- Official eBitron Launch :
Unveiling and launching the eBitron platform to the public.

- Introduction of AGI Robots :
Integrating Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Robots to enhance platform capabilities.

- PancakeSwap Integration :
Seamlessly integrating with PancakeSwap to enhance liquidity and user accessibility.


- Integration with Metaverse Games: Collaborating with leading Metaverse Games to provide eBitron users with a unique gaming experience.

- Building the Metaverse :
Initiating the development of a comprehensive Metaverse within the eBitron ecosystem, offering immersive virtual experiences.

- Partnership Payment Channel:
Establishing a robust payment channel through strategic partnerships, including Visa and Mastercard, to facilitate seamless transactions within the eBitron ecosystem.


- Listing on Major Exchanges:
Securing listings on major cryptocurrency exchanges to increase accessibility and visibility for eBitron.

- Building a Community of Millions:
Fostering vibrant and engaged community growth, connecting millions of users to the eBitron vision.

- Strategic Partnerships with Various Communities:
Strengthening ties with diverse communities through strategic partnerships, promoting collaboration and mutual growth.

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